Repair Process

Accident scene assistance
Accident scene assistance 24 hrs 7 days, Australia wide, on our toll free Assistance hotline, 0412 975 777

Repair book in & quotation
Your car will be inspected for damages and the best method of repair decided. We will book your car in for repairs at one of our repair facilities – Yeerongpilly or Browns Plains

Average repair times
Front or rear bumper only 1 – 2 days
Small work 1 ½ weeks
Medium work 2 ½ weeks
Large work 3 ½ weeks
Extra large work 6 + weeks

Assistance with claim lodgement
Take advantage of our claims professionals to assist you with your claim lodgement, from the comfort of our offices. Our customer service staff are there to simplify this process for you, which, when unassisted, can be very time consuming and frustrating.

Gaining your insurance company’s approval
We cannot commence repairs on your car until it has been inspected and approved by your insurer. All insurance companies are different and gaining approval can take time. We will do everything in our power to get this authority as soon as possible. Our customer service staff will call you after the insurance inspection and explain how the assessment went and exactly what the assessor has approved. If there are delays in the authorisation of your claim we will notify you immediately.

Dismantling & quotation
At this stage each vehicle is disassembled to expose all hidden damage. A quotation is prepared and all parts are pre-ordered. An expected repair time is then established.

Parts ordering
Once your car has been authorized for repair we will confirm the parts order. Sometimes parts come from interstate and sometimes from overseas (for example, Japan or Germany). We will notify you immediately of any part delays.

Customer updates
We will phone or email you upon car authorization. Our customer service staff will ring you with further updates as required, especially with more complex jobs. If at any time you have a query do not hesitate to call us.

Panel & structural repairs
At this stage each vehicle is measured and reset using manufacture approved aligning equipment, to ensure the settings match factory specifications. All repair work is conducted in strict compliance with the manufacturer’s specifications. Each vehicle is subject to quality assurance check list by production manger before progressing to the paint shop.

Prepare and paint
Each vehicle’s paint thickness is measured and checked against manufacturers specifications. Vechicle’s are then prepped and masked ready for paining. This includes sanding, hi-fill and curing, and dust extraction. The surface condition of each vehicle and its panels are inspected prior to paining. Paint is applied in a dust free, climate controlled spray booth. The vehicle is then baked at a set temperature and time to allow for paint curing. This will ensure paint durability and a factory quality finish.

Buff & denib
Once the fresh paintwork has dried, the vehicle is unmasked and de-nibbed to remove any minor imperfections in the paintwork. The vehicle and panels are then machine buffed & polished.

At this stage each vehicle is reassembled and a fitment quality check ensures that all parts and panels are fitted in accordance with manufacturers specifications. Each vehicle is then road tested and mechanical checks are performed where necessary, to ensure the vehicle functions as it did prior to repairs.

Wash, vacuum & inspection
Finally, each vehicle is washed and vacuumed to a high standard and a complete quality inspection is conducted.

Quality workmanship
When it comes to repairs, you cannot compromise on quality. Our rigorous quality assurance systems ensure that each vehicle is thoroughly checked at the end of each repair stage prior to proceeding. This results in a finished product of the highest possible standard.